VOLUME 13

    Manufacturing Information and Database Systems Adoption and Usage Trends in Zimbabwe’s Industries
    Proximate and Antioxidant Activity Analyses of Six Indigenous Nigerian Vegetables
    Estimation of Evaporation Rate in Ilorin using Penman Modified Equation
    Credit Scoring Using Machine Learning Algorithims
    Fatty Acids Composition and Oil Characteristics of Nut Kernel Oil of Cashew (Anarcadium Occidentale L.) from Nsukka, Nigeria
    Dispersion modelling and leachability of heavy metals from tailings dam material of a gold cyanidation plant in Zimbabwe
    The study of twist loss of rotor spun weft yarns in air jet loom and its effect on fabric properties
    Pesticide residues in ginned cotton and gin motes. Case study of Zimbabwe
    Disinfection of Escherichia Coli in water using moderate electric and magnetic fields
    Review of value added products from waste cotton stalks
    Determination of sedimentation thickness within the Eastern part of Benue Trough, Nigeria from high resolution aeromagnetic data
    Inhibitory and stimulative effects of Lantana camara L. leaves on Lycopersicum esculentus and Lactuca sativa seedlings
    Impact of solar activity on weather patterns in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    Production and evaluation of optimum values of some dietary amino acids of roasted African breadfruit seeds as an alternate source of protein
    An analysis of physico chemical parameters of effluent from a gold mine processing plant an environmental pollution indicator.pdf
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