Volume 15 (2020)

    Quality certification trends in the Zimbabwean food industry
    An assessment of the uptake of selected heavy metals, antioxidant response and lipid peroxidation in Spinacia Oleracea vegetables
    Estimation of net radiative measurement of meteorological parameters at Iwo, Nigeria in 2018
    Optimization of solid state fermentation conditions for improved production of cellulases by didymella phacea
    Soil moisture based automatic irrigation control system for a greenhouse
    The electronic human resources management effectiveness link: a survey of private security industry firms in Zimbabwe
    Green manufacturing implementation in zimbabwe: an assessment of current issues
    A comparative study of RSM, ANN and ANFIS models for predicting circuit Thevenin voltage. Zimbabwe Journal of Science and Technology
    Thevenin Voltage ANN ANFIS RSM Computational Intelligence and Prediction Accuracy
    Improvement of low-quality diesel through the use of biodiesel
    Towards goal programme optimisation of machining parameters during the production of TI-alloy components
    Subsurface and lithological evidences from aeromagnetic data in some parts of the Sokoto Basin, North West Nigeria
    Repeatability of ultrasound parameters in measuring blood flow in the lower limb arteries of asymptomatic diabetic patients with early stage peripheral artery disease
    Information and communication technologies: enhancing women entrepreneurship and productivity in the textile cottage industry
    Proximate analysis and evaluation of total phenolic compounds in Azanza garckeana fruit for use as gelatin crosslinking agent
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